Board Competence and Executive Search

At CV Group Ltd we specialize in helping our clients to identify and recruit the best talents for various executive positions in their organisations. We provide test based assessments and evaluations both in connection with recruitments and as stand alone services in order to ensure a thorough process and the best possible end result for our customers and candidates. 

We evaluate and recruit chairmen and members of board of directors to public, private and family owned companies as well as start-ups and cooperatives. In addition we are actively contributing to the success of our clients by providing various services aimed at improving the functionality of the board of directors such as:

  • Identifying company specific strategic key competences needed to optimize board composition

  • Reviews and evaluations of both the board of directors and their members

  • Advisory in corporate governance

  • Training and development

We are a member of the international ENEX network. Check it out in here.

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