The interest in Corporate Governance has been growing in many sectors of society. Company owners and investors see well functioning boards as safeguards for the long-term development and profitability of companies. Rapidly increasing networking, alliances, and outsourcing chains have also brought the quality of company boards’ work under review.


Various studies have shown that successful companies have a broad composition of different competencies on their boards. Board members complement each other in terms of experience, education, age and skills. At regular intervals, it is important for the board to evaluate its strengths, but especially the weaknesses. What challenges does the company face? What skills are needed in the changing situation? Do members have the skills needed at the current stage of the company's life cycle? Could it be of value to strengthen the board with external experts?

We contribute actively to the success of our clients by providing a range of services aimed at improving the performance of the company boards, including:

  • Development of corporate governance
  • Evaluation of Board work
  • Recruitment of Board members
  • Coaching